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"If you don't work for your dreams, someone will hire you to work for theirs." Steve Jobs


I am Antonio Ontañón, I live in a town near Barcelona and I have been in the world of software and web development for more than 20 years.

Professionally I have dedicated myself to software development, working in various technology companies, now I am starting a new stage, in which I do not close doors, I do not rule out continuing to work as a salaried employee in some company but I have also launched as a freelance and I would like to dedicate myself too to another of my passions, web development, in recent years I have gained experience developing websites using Content Managers (CMS), such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ZenCart, PrestaShop. These content managers are very versatile and allow you to create a website in a very simple and dynamic way.

My last professional stage has been the longest, I have been working for 14 years as a Software Engineer developing a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for remote assistance and control of computers through the Internet. Always working as a team in environments with SCRUM agile methodologies used for the development process.

The last few years I have been working on a very interesting low code / no code design tool to create web / mobile applications.

I have gained experience working in multicultural and diverse environments. In addition to Spanish and Catalan as my mother tongues, I am also medium fluent in English (FIRST CERTIFICATE).

I am currently training as an RPA Developer, and have obtained a RPA DEVELOPER CERTIFICATION with Rigel Technologies.

I consider myself a hard-working, responsible, enthusiastic and self-taught person, always trying to keep up to date with new technologies and focused on developing a quality product.

CMS: Joomla, Wordpress
This is me - AO Developer


Web development

Do you need a personal or corporate website?
I will study your needs and create your web project from scratch, in a totally personalized way and aligned with your objectives and corporate image. Thanks to the versatility of Content Managers (CMS), self-administered websites can be created by the user, adapted to all devices and with optimal SEO positioning in search engines.
Joomla and Wordpress allow you to incorporate templates that help a lot with the design, choosing a good template makes the design of the web easier. If you need hosting and domain for your website I can also advise you, as well as the design of the corporate logo.

Software development

More than 20 years of experience working in technology companies, the last one an American multinational, always in the field of analysis and software development. During these years I have acquired experience in scripting programming languages (ASP, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HMTL, CSS) and also knowledge in object-oriented languages (.NET).
In most companies working in large and organized teams, using SCRUM agile methodology. Diverse and multicultural work environments.

Do you want to request a budget for your website, make me a job offer or just have a query?

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During these years I have worked and collaborated with many people. Some of them agreed to share their views on our collaboration or their opinion on my work.

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My Work

These are some of my jobs as a web and software developer, I thank everyone for counting on me to carry out their projects. Click on the thumbnails to find out more details about each one of them. I am waiting for your project to add it!


Restaurante Brasería Ripollet

restaurant website

Restaurante Brasería Ripollet was one of my first web projects.

The web is made with the Joomla Content Manager (CMS), it is the second version of the web that was updated with Joomla 3.0. Fully responsive website, using various Joomla components, such as Hot Swipe Carousel, ImageSlider, Hot Maps, ChronoForms, jDownloads, etc.

The web has always been adapting to the needs of the client. It consists of a reservation form and the menus are made with an online design tool (Canva).

I am in charge of the maintenance of the web according to the client's requirements, I also manage the restaurant's social networks (facebook and instagram).

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dog protection web

A few years ago I was a member of an animal shelter. Due to our love for animals and the large number of abandoned dogs that existed in Spain, a few friends decided to join together to create a shelter and be able to help and spread all the dogs that we could, we all loved the Golden Retriever breed and we decided to focus the shelter to help this breed, although we ended up giving dogs of all breeds for adoption, in the 4 years that the shelter was in operation, we gave up more than 200 dogs for adoption. Logically I was in charge of the realization of the web, the design and assembly of all the images and photographs, and also collaborated with the management and dissemination on social networks.

I made two versions of the web, the last one with Joomla 3.0. We made a very visual website, creating individual files for each dog with the information and photographs. To edit the photos use photoshop. On the web we use various Joomla components and modules, such as galleries, image carousels, integrations with social networks (facebook, instagram), we also made an online store using the Ecwid e-commerce platform.

A few years ago the protector ceased its operation and therefore the web is no longer active, but I keep a backup of the web and the shop online that I have uploaded to my domain.

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Desayunos Sorpresa con Amor

web baskets Breakfast Surprise

Web project also made with Joomla. The website was created to promote a company created by some entrepreneurial twins who saw the need to offer love, enthusiasm and good taste on special dates, for special people. The website consisted of personalized breakfasts and more products with different designs and texts. The website contained an online store to place all orders, this online store was made with an online e-commerce platform called Ecwid.

The web and the shop online are no longer active at the moment, but you can consult the shop online as a test.

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Montajes Mios, S.C.P

web roofs and facades

website created for a roof and facade installation company. The owners of Montajes Mios needed to have a website to show the services that their company offers and thus make themselves known and be able to get more clients.
I have created a practical and very visual website with Joomla 3.9, choosing a suitable responsive template and using components to display their works (carousel, slider, image gallery, etc.), contact/budget form (ChronoForms), etc.
I also helped them to register and configure their company in Google and I was in charge of creating and managing social networks (Instagram, Facebook).

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SR Neteges Clotet

website cleaning services

The owners of SR Neteges Clotet commissioned me this website to start a new project in their company, the idea was to show in a very visual way all the services they offered and that customers could contact them quickly and easily.
Web made with Joomla 4.0, dynamic, multi-device, multi-language and complying with current regulations on data protection. Use of updated joomla components such as galleries, photo carousels, forms; Fully integrated with social networks and optimized with advanced SEO.
Also perform the registration of the company in Google Business and the creation and subsequent management of social networks (facebook and instagram).

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SaaS tool remote assistance

SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for remote assistance and control of computers over the Internet. NTRsupport is an online Customer Support platform. NTRsupport is aimed at two main types of Support:

  • Technical support, provided remotely and instantly.
  • Online support to users of a website.
NTRSupport Ultimate is a product developed basically with Classic ASP language. ASP use server-side scripting to generate contents that would be sent to the visitor's web browser. These scripts are written using VBScript,JScript combined with HTML, XML, CSS, compiled libraries (DLL), COM+ components and SQL Server to save and get the data.

NTRSupport ceased its services, but a Japanese company (Interwork) continues to offer them.

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ASG Studio

Design tool to create web / mobile applications

ASG-Studio is a single integrated design desk that helps designers and developers to seamlessly create automation projects that span over one or multiple services in ASG-Zenith digital automation platform. ASG-Studio includes the design time artifacts required to implement ASG-Zenith business services.

ASG-Studio is a low code / no code design tool that incorporates different models such as Datasource, UI (visual models), Process Models, RPA, Decision Models to create Web apps/mobile apps.

Some of the applications that I have developed are:

  • eCollect App: application of loans to companies, with different roles such as collection agent, manager and client.
  • LeaveManagement App: vacation manager for employees.
  • Moms Bakery App: managing orders to Moms Bakery, with different roles such as Customer, Production Planner, Kneading Agent, Baking Agent, Packing Agent, Delivery Agent, Regional Executive Officer, Global Executive Officer, Operations Manager, Customer Service Agent.

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Photographic Portfolio

personal web photography

Photographic portfolio with a collection of photographs organized by categories.
Made with the wix portal.

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